Our Vision & Approach

Our vision and approach at Two rabbits Media & Marketing begins - with you!

And you know your business - but we know media and advertising. So our approach is to combine the best of both worlds, yours and ours, to create a winning team.

That winning team will work with you the develop the best strategy for you and your business.

A good advertising and media campaign takes work and thought. Work in thinking about your markets, customer and consumer base - as well as who you are and what product or image you wish to convey.

The most important vision is our company motto; "Advertising for the rest of us." Let us - help you.

Meet the Team

Our team is growing! We are currently at 19 employees and many, many contract writers. We also have recently added some great consultants to help with our growth! And we only use the best - people like Stephanie Young, Mark Whiteside and Cynthia Johnson.

Here are the Three Leaders of Two Rabbits Media & Marketing.


John James

Advertising Manager

John has been with the company since it was started. His background is advertising and media presentation.

In his spare time, John loves craft beers and working in his garage fixing and selling old cars - a real tool guy! 🙂


Jackie Shelton

Content Writer/Outreach Specialist

Jackie has 6 years of content and writing experience. She comes with extensive writing and administrative experience from a very busy real estate brokerage firm.

When not at work, Jackie enjoys caring for her two rescue dogs and is an avid Star Wars fan.


Wayne Kywenski


Wayne began an advertising career in Europe. In the early 2000's, he moved to a New York ad agency before starting Two Rabbits.

Wayne enjoys trips back to Europe with his wife, Juanita and hiking and biking with his three kids.

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